Weatherford, Texas is Downsizing the City Library’s Genealogy Section

The Weatherford Public Library’s decision to downsize its genealogy section to deal with increasing need for space and a lack of funding for expansion has caused concern and outrage among some. In preparation for an anticipated renovation, the city is donating some of its non-Parker County-related materials from the genealogy area.

“Materials that are still accurate and in good shape that will not be kept in our collection are being offered, in accordance with law and policy, to other libraries and non-profit organizations,” according to Library Director Chris Accardo. The city is expected to hold a public meeting Jan. 13 at 10:30 a.m. at the library to discuss the issue.

You can read the details in an article by Christin Coyne in the Weatherford Democrat at:


Anyone who uses, has used, or might in the future use the genealogy collection should consider sending letters to the library and city describing the tourism value of keeping the collection. We were part of a letters to the editor campaign to help a collection in Arkansas. We listed how much we spent at local hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc. during a 2-day trip to the library to research its collections. The campaign helped the city see the monetary value of the collection to the business community, not just patrons of the library.


    Please note that the Weatherford Public Library will be retaining all materials related to Parker County and the surrounding area. Other items that receive even moderate use will be retained. The materials in the “other items” category are readily available at other area locations. Thank you for your interest in Weatherford Public Library.


Very sad this is happening. My hometown library actually did away with our small (2 stacks) collection completely. They placed the books for sale in the quarterly book sale. I asked what happened to the books that don’t sell? They send to dump. I found a lot of the genealogy books in the sale and arranged( by letter to the librarian) to have them donated to a nearby library – who were very happy to receive them! Most of the books our small genealogical society had donated to our library over the years of fundraising! It was a sad day, but had a happy ending!


How do they determine “materials that are still accurate'”??


Any materials removed from the Weatherford Public Library collection will be offered to other libraries, as well as to genealogical societies.


This is a trend across the U.S. Physical books represent only an expense to libraries. It made sense to get rid of card catalogs as online catalogs replaced them. But there is a difference between a physical book and a digitized one. At a minimum, citizens should require confirmation, through a link added to the online catalog, that any physical materials that are removed are available in digital form.


Many libraries are digitally scanning books, genealogy bulletins to go on their membership only website. It’s kind of like inter loan library you can research & get copies of pages of interest to you.


I was at the meeting Saturday January 13th 2018. We were given a presentation that had nothing to do with our concerns about getting rid of of the non Parker County materials and records and all about justifying the need and the cost of the space. We were told in the same sentence that they had not started removing items but had already gotten rid of items, they had no intention of stopping the process. Basically the decision is in had been made and there was nothing we could do to stop it. My response to Mr Accord was this, if I want to research my family genealogy not from Parker County in books than don’t waste your time because the books are probably not there anymore


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