Another Humorous (?) Tombstone

I don’t know if this tombstone is really funny or perhaps it is sad. It was posted to Facebook by Israel Pickholtz. Luckily, he also included a translation:

The above tombstone is translated as: “I have reared and raised my children and they have sinned against me.” It is a quote from the second verse of Isaiah.

Yes, his displeasure with his children is etched in stone.


Doubt if his children received any inheritance!


Very sad that his children have failed to honor their parents. It seems more and more that way in today’s world.


sad to see how hard it was for the older generation to be able to accept change, especially when it came to the choices that their children made when they came to the “New World” . Often it was because of intermarrying with non Jews etc and /or leaving behind many of the old world customs that were ingrained in the hearts of the elders. The Jewish community found it very hard to change in a new foreign environment.


I am guessing this was done by the “evil second wife” who didn’t like his kids.


Another translation renders it: “Children I have raised and exalted, yet they have rebelled against Me.” Rebelled might be a lot different from “sinned.” However, even so, with such a condemnation, would any children really be inclined to visit his grave? One really has to wonder who decided to include that inscription.


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