Update: the Journal of Genealogy and Family History

The Journal of Genealogy and Family History was first announced nearly a year ago. (See my earlier article about the announcement at: http://bit.ly/2DgPBs0.) Now the first edition has been published and work has begun on the second edition. The following announcement was written by the foks who produce the Journal of Genealogy and Family History:

Peer-reviewed journals are a rare thing in the world of genealogical publishing, though the USA has long been fortunate in having such journals specialising in local matters. The Journal of Genealogy and Family History was launched around Easter last year as a peer-reviewed, scholarly publication with a world-wide remit. It exists purely online. It is free to read and free to publish in. Offers of good quality papers are always welcomed and can be submitted through http://www.qualifiedgenealogists.org/ojs/index.php/JGFH.

The Journal has closed Volume 1 after its successful first nine months and is now editing papers for Volume 2.

You can find the individual papers by their DoIs (Digital Object Identifiers – a form of fixed URL). Those from the first volume are:

Mewburn: London silversmiths – https://doi.org/10.24240/23992964.2017.030101

King Richard III and his mitochondrial DNA haplopgroup J1c2c3 – https://doi.org/10.24240/23992964.2017.030102

Answers in the wind: using local weather studies for family history research – https://doi.org/10.24240/23992964.2017.030103

Analyzing an associate network and an indirect evidence network to discover Martha “Patsy” (McNabb) Wynkoop’s father and to explore his pedigree – https://doi.org/10.24240/23992964.2017.030104

Bricks in the wall: family tree research can uncover useful historical information – https://doi.org/10.24240/23992964.2017.030105

The family of ‘radical traitor’ Henry Redhead Yorke – https://doi.org/10.24240/23992964.2017.1234511

The Journal is published by the Register of Qualified Genealogists, a not-for profit company, and is supported by the University of Dundee, the University of Strathclyde and by Genealogists.com.


I tried clicking on the link to receive email notifications on a few different pages, as well as clicking on tech support with no luck.


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