Historical Society of Pennsylvania Announces Two Summer Genealogy Courses in Philadelphia

The following announcement was written by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania:

Researching Family in Pennsylvania
30 July – 3 August 2018

Now in its 3rd year, Researching Family in Pennsylvania is an intensive five-day course exploring the records and repositories available for research in the Keystone State. This course offers a complete “How to” curriculum, training you to use the resources available at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) as well as record sources for all 67 counties. During the course week, HSP’s library and archive will remain open two evenings to accommodate researchers who want to apply their new-found knowledge base to the society’s unique holdings.

Researching Family in the British Isles
13 August – 16 August 2018

Early-bird pricing available until February 1st!

HSP presents an in-depth, four-day curriculum featuring international instructors on researching family in the British Isles. Through these expert-taught classes, you’ll learn how to conduct genealogical research in Scotland, Ireland and England, plus how to apply DNA to your studies. Each instructor will offer personal consultations; separate registration required.

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) has partnered with the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History (ISBGFH) to conduct a four-day program of researching family in the British Isles. ISBGFH conducts the British Institute held annually in Salt Lake City to provide weeklong education by well-known genealogists on British Isles research topics. The ISBGFH has arranged for several presenters to provide an overview of researching British Isles topics at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. These presentations will explore DNA, Scotland, Ireland and England research. London based genetic genealogist Dr. Maurice Gleeson, MB, will present on DNA and Irish research, Christine Woodcock, from Genealogy Tours of Scotland, will discuss Scottish research, and Frank Southcott, President, ISBGFH, will explore the English records.

For both courses, HSP has reserved a limited number of hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn Express Philadelphia-Midtown for $139 per-night. To reserve a room at this discounted rate, call 215-735-9300 and mention that you are booking for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

For more information about curriculum and instructors, or to register visit:
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1300 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

or contact:
Christopher Damiami
Director of Public Programs
215-732-6200 x227


Your information about the Historical Society of Pennsylvania announcing they are offering a five day class on Researching Family in Pennsylvania, and that HSC has arranged with Holliday Inn Express Philadelphia – Midtown will offer the rate of $139 per night. I signed up for the classes and then called the number for Holliday Inn Express. It is not a working number. I have tried other ways to get the local number with no result. I have called the HSC and have not had a call returned about this.


    Thank you for the information. You also might want to let the folks at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania know that also. They are the ones who wrote the announcement and I assume they sent the same announcement to many genealogy and history magazines and blogs besides sending it to me.


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