Journalist/Genealogist Takes on Trump’s Hard-line Immigration Advisers with Their Own Genealogy

The present administration in Washington is working hard to tighten the requirements for immigration to the United States. It is interesting to learn that many of the people who are advocating such restrictions would not be American citizens themselves if similar regulations had been in effect years ago when their own ancestors immigrated. In fact, under Trump’s proposed immigration rules, his own grandfather likely wouldn’t have been allowed into the country.

Jennifer Mendelsohn traced the family histories of Trump and many of his team’s members. This is a trending news story this week and you can find dozens of online stories about it by beginning at:

In addition, a video from MSNBC is also available at:

One Comment

Sadly, I have decided to close the comments to this article. Most of the comments posted in the past few days had nothing to do with the story of Jennifer Mendelsohn tracing the family histories of Trump and many of his team’s members. Instead, most of the comments were political in nature, many were sarcastic, and several were taunts of political opinions. Some of them were borderline personal attacks against those who posted earlier comments.

In short, the recent comments were off topic and inappropriate. They were not mature discussions by adults. Instead, they sounded more like schoolyard taunts by 8-year-olds. Such comments are not appropriate here.

If you wish to discuss politics, there are dozens of political discussion boards available to you today. I suggest you use one of them. If you are willing to confine your comments to family history, immigration, history, genealogy web sites, genealogy software, legal affairs that affect genealogy, obituaries, record-keeping, news stories of the day that are related to those topics, and other genealogy-related topics, you will always be welcome here.

– Dick Eastman


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