Emily Anne Croom, R.I.P.

Emily Anne Croom was a well-known genealogy expert, a prolific author, and frequent public speaker. She passed away January 21, 2018 in Bellaire, Texas.

Emily’s interest in family history led her to write her first genealogy book, Unpuzzling Your Past. That was followed by several more books, including: The Genealogist’s Companion and Sourcebook, The Sleuth Book for Genealogists. Strategies for More Successful Family History Research, and A Genealogist’s Guide to Discovering Your African-American Ancestors which she co-wrote with Franklin Carter Smith. She also wrote numerous magazine articles that were published in some of the leading genealogy magazines.

Emily certainly left behind a first-class legacy that has helped many genealogists, especially those who are new to family history.

Emily Anne Croom’s obituary is available on the Earthman Bellaire Funeral Home‘s web site at: http://bit.ly/2nje2yl. Please note that the obituary states, “In lieu of flowers please donate to any animal shelter of your choice, especially one for Emily’s beloved cats.”


We have lost a great resource. I’m glad I have been able to accumulate several of her books.


Am very Sorry to read this, her book “Unpuzzling Your Past” & the very good Workbook sit on my bookself here. I often go into them for help when I hit a snag. They are the first I recommend when people ask about how to start doing their Family History.


Sad to hear. I own three of her books, they were among the first books I purchased when I started doing research about 15 years ago. I first saw her books in my local library and after using them often, I decided to purchase them as I often referred to them. RIP


Emily was an awesome researcher and a wonderful lady. It was an honor to call her a friend.
She was always on the hunt for that next genealogy puzzle, even if it wasn’t her own. We were fortunate to have one of my husband’s ancestors included in one of her books. Emily even took him back another generation.
Yes she will be missed by so many…


Emily was a delightful woman to work with and I’m saddened by her passing. I worked with her when her first book “Unpuzzling Your Past” was originally published (by Betterway Publications, Inc. in 1984). She was a stickler for accuracy which went a long way towards making her book one of our best sellers. We were delighted to see how well she did with subsequent books after the company was sold to another publisher.


Her books helped me so much. She will be missed.


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