Contacting DNA Matches is Now Free on MyHeritage

In response to popular demand, Contacting DNA Matches is now available to all MyHeritage DNA users for free. This remains free for people who uploaded DNA data to MyHeritage, and, for the first time, is also free to users with MyHeritage DNA kits who do not have a subscription plan.

Details may be found in the MyHeritage Blog at:

One Comment

It is so refreshing to find a company that listens to its customers. I hope to hear from more of my matches on MyHeritage. I have gotten some very interesting possible break troughs already. Now if we could just get them to use black rather than light grey for their text…

I am soooo tired of begging my Ancestry DNA cousins to upload their data to anywhere else so we can actually see if our common ancestors are matches or just chance.


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