LibreOffice 6.0 Released

I have written often about the free office suite of programs called LibreOffice. (See for a list of my past articles about LibreOffice.) I have both LibreOffice and Microsoft Word installed on the computer I am using at the moment but I find LibreOffice’s word processor to be my favorite. It is easier to use than Word and is compatible with more file formats, including: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .html, .xhtml, .epub3, .odt, and a bunch of other formats as well.

LibreOffice includes a word processor (competing with Microsoft Word), a spreadsheet program (somewhat like Excel), a presentation program (similar to PowerPoint), a drawing program, a database program, and a mathematics program. LibreOffice Writer also includes such useful features as a spellchecker, a thesaurus, AutoCorrect, and hyphenation as well as a variety of templates for almost every purpose. You can also create your own templates using the wizards.

Version 6 introduces a revamped design with new table styles, improved Notebook bars, new gradients, new Elementary icons, menu and toolbar improvements, and updated motif/splash screen.

This article was written with LibreOffice 6.0.

Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions start at $70 per year for a single home user and other versions with more capabilities are more expensive. In contrast, you can get most of the same functionality, although not all of it is 100% compatible, with the FREE LibreOffice for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and even a native app for the Chrome operating system.

Not bad for a FREE suite of programs. You can download LibreOffice at: You can also find an article describing “what’s new” in version 6.0 at

You can watch a video showing the new features of LibreOffice 6.0 at or in the video player below:


Sounds great, but the skeptic in me wants to know – how is this site paid for? Will I be subject to a lot of ads, pressure to “update” at a cost or other annoyances?


I use Excel to scrape data from websites, I use VBA macros extensively and Office 365 Home is $120/year for 5 licences / users – I have spent years building my Excel skills – You don’t need to be an expert to use Excel, it helps if you have an expert who can setup complicated workbooks for you


    —> I have spent years building my Excel skills

    I suspect you would not be happy withe the spreadsheet in LibreOffice. In fact, I do not know of any other spreadsheet program that is 100% compatible with Excel’s macros.


I checked for an update for Libre Office on my Mac, and it says it says Libre Office 4.1 is up-to-date. Is this a Windows-only upgrade?


I’m still looking for something that works *exactly* like FrontPage 2000 which had a “Pub” (Publish) button to click on that brought up an ftp transfer menu so I could upload my Reunion web site to a web server after I did final edits on the home page in FrontPage 2000. Two clicks to upload a web site. It was so simple!!!

Easy-to-use programs with the simplest and most convenient features (the Publish button!) seem to be the things that are most often eliminated or excluded with “upgrades.”

Because I recently purchased a genealogy program that can be used online, I recently downloaded Filezilla, and once I installed it and opened the page I nearly wept in frustration. I’m not sure if I’ll ever figure out how to use that mess. In checking the categories and menus, I’ve not seen the word Publish or abbreviation Pub to be able to do an ftp transfer. I’m currently paying for a web site I can’t even use (altho I noticed the spammers who want to set up a web site and/or home page found me less than three hours after I purchased it!!!).


    It is not a desktop publishing program but you might want to take a look at CyberDuck at

    CyberDuck is a very easy to use Macintosh and Windows program for uploading and downloading files by FTP as well as a bunch of other protocols. It is the program I use to upload and download files to the newsletter web site. I have been using it for years and am vary happy with it. Unlike Filezilla, CyberDuck looks and feels like a Macintosh program.

    You still would need to create your web pages in Reunion or any other program capable of creating HTML web pages. Once the pages have been completed, you exit the program, launch CyberDuck, and use that to upload the files to the web site. In other words, CyberDuck is like Filezilla with one very important except for one major difference: CyberDuck is much easier to use.

    CyberDuck is available free of charge although with no support from the producing company at:

    Another option is to obtain CyberDuck with support from the producing company by downloading it from the Apple App Store for $23.99. It is also available from the Windows 10 App Store for Windows users. I use the free version although admittedly I am a bit of a techie and normally do not need support. I’d suggest you first download the free version from and try it to see if you like it. If you then decide you want the paid support, you can always go to the Apple App Store at a later date and download the paid version. To my knowledge, the two versions are identical except for the support from the producing company.


I have been using Libre Office for years, occasionally for some very complex spreadsheets. And Open Office before that. I do also get heavily involved in automated Access / Excel linkups, with use of very complex pivot tables and VBA macros.
Libre Office has it’s own macro capability, which I have never used, but is not VBA compatible. Libre Office also does not do pivot tables as well as excel. Other than those two, I find no reason to use Microsoft Office.
As far as writing goes, I have largely switched to markdown, using Typora and IA Writer, rather than a word processor.


I’ve used LibreOffice in the past and at one point discovered OpenOffice seemed to be a little less of a memory hog. Lately OpenOffice seems to be getting a bit heavy and I’m wondering how the two compare today?


I have been happily using Libre Office ever since Lotus Symphony died. Calc spreadsheets are more than adequate for keeping track of my DNA cousin chromosome matches and mailing lists and such. Writer is powerful enough to format anything I’ve needed without Word’s annoyances. Impress creates professional looking presentations without the ugly backgrounds and silly fluff of a Power Point. Thanks for letting us know about the update.


How does this Suite react to Windows 10? Every time my W10 updates I lose another function with my older programs. I’d love to find something that works with documents prepared in Office 2000.


What advantages does Libre Office have over Open Office, which I’m now very familiar with? Is it really worth moving over?


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