Reunion version 12 is Now Available for the Macintosh

Reunion 12 has just been released. According to the program’s web site at, the new features include:

  • New Duplicate Check feature. When adding a person, a new window appears showing possible duplicates to the person you’re adding. You can make it as sensitive as you want. Potential duplicates can be reviewed, to help decide whether to link an existing person or continue adding a new person. No need to look for duplicates after the fact.
  • Sort events for everybody, marked people, or the current couple. An “Event Template” lets you determine the best order for events that have no dates. For example, always keeping burial after death, even when the burial date is unknown.

  • The new Citations List is a powerful and flexible tool for reviewing, searching, and managing citations and citation detail. It’s easy to see a list of citations for any person, family, or group of people. Citations can be sorted in several ways and citation detail can be edited in one place for better consistency. This new feature shows the precise usage of each citation; not just the person, but the field, source number, template, and citation detail for each citation record.
  • Vastly improved fan charts, including: full circular fans (and any degree of spread from 150° to 360°); the ability to exclude empty cells; color controls for individual fan cells, or by generation, sex, branch, or direct line; the fine-tuning of space between generations, adjacent cells, and lines of text; control of shadows and rounded corners for cells; and much more.
  • New Color Tags feature lets you use color to tag people in your family file. Color tags provide visual clues to distinguish different groups of people with particular attributes. For example, people modified in the last 30 days could be given a green tag, descendants of any ancestor can be given an orange tag, ancestors of a person can be given a cyan color, people flagged as “uncertain” can have a magenta tag, people with multiple parents can have a yellow tag, Y-DNA and mtDNA can be assigned different color tags, etc.
  • We’ve greatly enhanced the ability to search for citations and citation detail. There are 3 new, powerful searches in the Find panel: Number of Citations, Cited Source Number, and Citation Detail. These are in response to wish-list requests, such as: searching for text in the citation detail field, searching for people with a particular field that has no citations, cites a certain source, or has a certain number of citations; searching for people with general source citations, etc. The possibilities are vast.
  • Reunion’s Find feature can show you exactly where matches occur — not just the person who has a match, but the precise field where the match occurs. This happens with a new Match menu button that appears in the Results list.
  • The Source window now shows all elements together and visible in one glance (Source Fields, Free-Form Text, Multimedia, and the Preview). No more using tabs to see or edit different elements. All four sections are can be revealed or hidden, and they’re all resizable.
  • Reunion’s web output now features “responsive design,” meaning that web pages created by Reunion will appear optimized for whatever device (desktop, phone, tablet) is viewing them.

And a lot more…

See or watch the video at for the full list of changes.



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