Corrections to the Previously-published Ancestry of Meghan Markle

The name of Meghan Markle is all over the news these days. The American actress, model, and humanitarian recently became engaged to Prince Henry of Wales. Several news services have published articles about her mixed British and American ancestry. I published articles pointing to the news stories earlier at and at

John Wells is a long-time genealogist who has studied one of the families in Meghan Markle’s family tree. He believes he has found errors in the recently-published claims of her Ragland ancestors and he has the documentation to prove his information is based on original sources. If you have an interest in Meghan Markle’s ancestry, you undoubtedly will want to read John Wells’s report at:


“If’ wishes were fishes, we’d all have a fry… Speculation is not proof, nor are the ‘records’ cited. But more importantly, who invited anyone to dig into Miss Markle’s family history? Frankly, whether she marries a prince or pauper- or she is a pauper or a princess- her ancestry is not your business or mine. And even “if” Wells may be a disant relative of the future princess, he has no right to publicize information concerning her private life-or that of her possible ancestors, nor do you!


    My, my, my. That is a pompous attitude. You sound like one of those people that most genealogists sometimes encounter, who think they own their family information and refuse to share any of it with others. It would be more correct, though not totally, to say your ancestors own you. Of course it is not a good idea to publish private info on living people. Celebrities do not have as much expectation of privacy, especially those who earn their living from their celebrity.


Calling him “England’s Prince Harry”, is like referring to the President of the United States as the President of Washington!


John Wells calling him ‘Prince Harry of Great Britain’ is just as bad. His formal title is Prince Henry of *Wales*. Our nation is the United Kingdom, so he is the UK’s Prince Harry. (For those who get confused – the full name of the nation is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is the collective name for England, Wales and Scotland.)


That was an excellent read. I enjoyed it. He has a good deal of plausible theories, some of which might be verified by DNA is the principle were willing. From a genealogy standpoint, it’s a good piece of work. Thanks for sharing it. I learned some stuff.


Sherri J. Thorne May 10, 2018 at 9:29 am

Thank you so very much for the corrections and the devotion to research and scholarship. I too, am fascinated with genealogy, and am trying to research my family’s tree. I had someone post wrong information about my great grandmother. It turns out, that this researcher had a relative with the same name. I sent her the corrections and she changed it.


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