Your Family History Magazine is Going Out of Business

Your Family History Magazine has been a printed magazine produced in the U.K. for the past 15 years. Sadly, it is no more. According to the magazine’s web site at

“After 15 years at the forefront of genealogy advice, Your Family History is saying farewell. Issue 192 (out in mid-February) will be the last issue you will receive – and, once again, it will be packed with useful information on how to get the most out of your research. As a loyal subscriber, we thank you for your support and wish you all the very best in your family history adventure.”


This was a great publication for U.K. genealogy. I started subscribing to the print version from issue #2 (could never find #1 later without paying a fortune for it), which also came with a CD every month. And I saved all my copies. Later, when the subscription became more expensive because of shipping to the U.S., I switched to the digital edition, which, at the time, could only be viewed on an iPad. So…. I bought my first iPad – now practically a dinosaur iPad 2. Anyone interested in my massive print collection? 😉


So very sad – I’ve bought many issues and have been able to get it via my library for the last year in e-format. It’s a great resource and will be missed.


Sad that it is gone. Now there is one less and who is next!


I recently renewed my annual subscription to the e-version, and seemingly have no prospect of a refund. Sadness is not my emotion!


    Annie, two weeks ago on their Facebook page, they said, “Yes, subscribers will be offered refunds or an alternative magazine.” They later said that a letter would be included with the last issue. Of course that doesn’t help those of us who don’t get hard copies. I paid my annual subscription in January, so they owe me for 9 issues, I assume. The Facebook page suggests writing to Customer Service at I wouldn’t wait for them to contact me, even though they have my email address. My subscription through Apple was automatically canceled a few days ago.


Perhaps these 192 issues will be hosted on a website somewhere for everyone to explore, and or download.


It would be nice if they donated the 192 issues to the Internet Archive or put them on a DVD for purchase on eBay.


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