Turkey Shuts Down Genealogy Service after Overload of Inquiries

Genealogy interest turned out to be popular for Turkey’s new online genealogy service. The country’s population registry has shut down its online genealogy service after one day, due to an overload of inquiries, according to reports from the Turkish state-run news agency Anadolu.

The service allowed Turkish citizens who registered themselves to the digital citizenship services to find their ancestors.

Following the launch of the project before midday on Thursday, the number of requests had exceeded 55,000 per hour by midnight, officials from the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. The web site then started generation error messages due to exceeded capacity limits.

The online service is closed temporarily, and the system should be back online soon, according to state-run news agency Anadolu.


I am not a bit surprise at Turkey not being prepared for the onslaught…. I spent three years in that country and they have a hard time getting a grip on the actuality of getting things done. Doing business there is a challenge , their perspective on things is often a case of not getting a grip on reality and over or under estimating the good and the bad.


What is the website, is it free? My ancestors are Greek, but came from Izmir, Turkey. Have been unable to find anything for years! Thanks.


    am wondering if your ancestors were in izmir when they had that terrible time when they corralled the Greeks in the park and proceeded to mow them down , There was bad blood between the Turks and the Greeks in Izmir (
    and other cities) Are you familiar with this incident ?


    My Great-grandparents and most of their children arrived at Ellis Island in 1907. I believe one son stayed behind. I may never know what happened to him. The trouble came some years later I believe.


    hi Linda yes I have heard of the terrible events that took so many lives. in Izmir . I was friends with some older Turks at this time and they told the story of gathering the Greeks and other non Muslims and mowed them down with gun fire. I was told that the water in the bay with many ships ran red with blood for over three days. This has never been forgotten by the Greeks and other non Turks that survived the holocaust . The Turks don’t like to talk about it.


    Horrific and nauseating. The ship manifest indicates great grandfather was from Nea Isara? Later residing in Smyrna where the children were born.


    And you are not going to find anything because they burned all information all is left is information of survivors that they carry when left or cryptochristians that converted to save there families. That was the democracy of Kemal Fire and Iron responsible for the Armenian and Greek genocide .


This used to happen in the 1990’s in the US of A when a new database would come on line. I would get on the computer at 3 o’clock in the morning in an attempt to use this sparkly new database. Let us not sneer at Turkey, they will find their way.


Thank you for sharing this information. I am a Greek genealogist and as was mentioned in other comments, many Greeks were expelled but many remained in this region.


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