Canadian Military Looking for DNA and Burial Experts to Help ID Missing War Dead

The Canadian Department of National Defence is seeking forensic DNA experts and funeral organizers to help its efforts to recover, identify and arrange burials for Canada’s nearly 28,000 missing war dead. The prospective group of anthropologists, archaeologists and genealogists would help the department’s Casualty Identification Program analyze DNA from the remains of formerly missing Canadian servicemen discovered around the world.

The program has been identifying and organizing burials for Canada’s formerly missing war dead since 2007. Bidding on the new contract closes March 12.

Details may be found at:


They could add DNA results to so “everyone” has a chance of helping identify the remains.


David Paul Davenport February 22, 2018 at 9:21 pm

If there are 28,000 missing Canadian war dead, how do they know the missing men are Dead, and how will they recover DNA from people who haven’t been found?


    Over the years the military services have found many bodies that were unable to be identified and these have been buried as unknowns. Meanwhile, the military services also have the names of many soldiers who are officially missing and presumed dead, for whom they have never been able to identify a body. Obviously, there’s a good chance some of the unidentified bodies buried as unknowns belong to some of the men who are officially still missing and presumed dead. DNA technology has now advanced to the point where they are hoping to be able to use it to finally succeed in identifying the unknowns, give them back their names, and give their survivors the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones have been found and given a decent resting place.


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