Alan Mann, R.I.P

Many genealogists who spent time a few years ago at Salt Lake City’s Family History Library will remember Alan Mann. He had various assignments there over the years but probably is best remembered as the supervisor of the Automated Resource Center at the Family History Library. He also was a frequent speaker at many genealogy conferences around the country.

Sadly, Alan’s brother, Steve Mann, posted the following to Facebook last night: “My brother, Alan Mann, passed away last night after a 5-year battle with cancer. He worked for more than 25 years for FamilySearch. He went all over the world teaching.”

There is more to Steve Mann’s message. You can read it at:

Alan Mann was an accredited genealogist in England, and Australia. He was a senior research consultant in the Family History Library for FamilySearch and previously had been a community manager for the FamilySearch Community Services team and the Information Services manager for the Family History Library. He taught British Research for BYU and various computer courses for Salt Lake Community College.

Alan also was simply a very nice fellow to know and to talk with. I had the chance to talk with him many times over the years and will always remember his gracious mannerisms and his almost constant smile.


Ben and Eileen Bailey February 24, 2018 at 8:26 am

We liked Alan so much after having worked with him on two missions we served on the British floor of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.


I always liked taking classes from him. He made it easy to learn from him.


Alan was just a wonderful, kind and helpful person. I remember when I was explaining to him my resistance to go to PAF 4 after learning and loving PAF 2.3 and definitely did not want to learn PAF 5. And he spent a lot of time with me
explaining how important it was to upgrade-upgrade, or I would get so far behind it would just be so difficult or impossible down the road to “catch up.” I was also hanging on to my Dos computer and Word 3.1. He convinced me, and I am so glad he did, (but to a small degree I still hang on to old stuff like Windows 7). I always took every class he taught when I visited the library, and also, he helped me so much with my personal research. He was one of the “Blessings” in the library and to our genealogical community. So sorry to hear of his passing.


I am very sorry to learn about Alan Mann’s passing. I worked with Alan at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City–he was always very friendly and helpful, especially with British research. He was a very popular speaker at the BYU annual family history and genealogy conferences in Provo, Utah, especially with computer technology. His wife has also been a very popular speaker at BYU annual family history and genealogy conferences. Alan was a well respected individual, especially regarding British genealogy. I shall miss him.

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