Legacy Republic Launches in Salt Lake City to Save One Million Memories and Unlock Region’s Genealogy Treasure Chest

The following announcement was written by Legacy Republic and released at the RootsTech conference:

On a quest to save one million memories, the world’s most trusted family legacy service, Legacy Republic, is officially launching today in Salt Lake City to connect local families to their past through photo and video digitization. The company now has limited openings for up to 30 Legacy Maker consultants and Pro Services Executives, who will inspire and help their communities preserve, celebrate and relive their family stories.

At a time when the country has been facing massive natural disasters, and 500 million photo albums have yet to be digitized, Legacy Republic recognizes the importance of preserving and celebrating family history and heritage — tenants that are especially vital to the Salt Lake City community.

Tapping into the burgeoning “nostalgia economy,” where investing in meaningful experiences take precedence over buying things, Legacy Republic has already helped thousands of families transform physical photo albums into shareable online collections via its team of social sellers. The company also offers stand-alone products, like the Memory Makeover Kit, that allows customers to pack up old photos and videos to mail in for digitization, and the Keepsakes Collection, offering wall décor and personalized gifts like photo jewelry from digitized images.

“Salt Lake City’s commitment to family history and genealogy is unparalleled,” said Brian Knapp, CEO and founder of Legacy Republic. “Yet finding time and energy to resurface and enjoy memories can be a challenge. That’s why we’re cementing our presence and amplifying our team in the region — with the goal of digitizing one million memories — to make it easy for anyone to dust off old photo albums and bring them into the 21st century to share with future generations.”

Using Studio, the company’s triple-patented, fully portable photo scanning device, Legacy Makers and Pro Services Executives can easily convert entire photo albums into shareable, online collections in as little as an afternoon, right from the customer’s home. The device implements ’mobile edge computing’ — the iPhone’s camera, processor, and on-deck, proprietary software algorithms — to process images to remove glare and artifacts.

Legacy Makers then publish the digitized images to a private cloud account (’Family Legacy”), where clients can view and download the archive originals, cropped, individual images, and new collage pages within the Legacy Republic mobile app, share via email or on Facebook, or add these digital memories to their FamilySearch account.

Here’s a video of Studio in action: https://vimeo.com/252795016

The company will also be a sponsor at this year’s RootsTech, the world’s largest family-history technology conference, held in downtown Salt Lake City.

Learn more about Studio and how to become a part of the Legacy Republic community at legacyrepublic.com/studio. To learn how to get started as a Legacy Maker or Pro Services Executive in Salt Lake City and order your Studio, please visit: legacyrepublic.com/pro.

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