Findmypast Helps North American Researchers Discover British & Irish Ancestors

The following announcement was written by the folks at Findmypast:

Your ancestors’ journeys to North America were tough.
Your discoveries shouldn’t be

Industry-leading British family history website Findmypast has introduced a unique approach to help North American family historians connect with ancestors in the British Isles.

As the home of the world’s most comprehensive online collection of British and Irish records, Findmypast is committed to making discoveries in the British Isles easier than ever before. Today Findmypast has launched a new subscription package for the North American market that provides all the tools needed to discover ancestors across the pond.

Some estimates suggest that more than 30% of US citizens have British or Irish ancestors and research undertaken by Findmypast has revealed that many family historians have struggled to bridge the transatlantic gap.

The Ultimate British & Irish package has been created by Findmypast’s team of in-house experts as the solution. It combines Findmypast’s unrivalled collections paired with weekly masterclasses to provide the must-have solution for finding British and Irish ancestors.

Today’s announcement marks the latest step in Findmypast’s drive to build on their leadership strength in British and Irish records.

It follows the recent publication of the exclusive British & Irish Roots collection, a unique database consisting of more than 100 million assorted record spanning 400 years. The collection gives family historians the chance to trace their ancestors’ journeys across the Atlantic like never before by bringing together a wide range of North American records that list origin or place of birth as anywhere in Britain and Ireland.

This is the first time such an expansive database has been curated in such a way. Now, exclusively with Findmypast, family historians can trace the migration of ancestors from the Old World to the New through one simple search.

With more exclusive parish records, historical newspapers, twice the number of Irish records available on any other site, and with new additions being added each week, Findmypast is the number one resource for British and Irish family history.

Tamsin Todd, CEO of Findmypast, said: “As a descendant of the Mayflower, I am all too aware of how difficult bridging the gap between North America and the British Isles can be. We are very proud to be the home of the world’s best online collection of British and Irish records and want to make sure that our North American customers are equipped with all the tools needed to trace their roots on the other side of the Atlantic. We look forward to helping even more family historians make new discoveries and connect with their British and Irish heritage.

One Comment

Interesting…it just led me to the Upgrade to World subscription…no choice at all re the British/Irish package….I had to log out to see it. My renewal doesn’t come up till late April – I’ll look at it more closely then 🙂


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