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On the Road Again… and I am Being Shanghai’d

(+) The Web as We Knew it is Dead. Long Live the Web!

A Report from RootsTech2018, with Pictures

MyHeritage Releases Chromosome Browser Upgrade to Facilitate Better Exploration and Interpretation of DNA Matches

MyHeritage Releases New Collections with 325 Million Historical Records

MyHeritage Science Team’s Research Featured in the Prestigious Journal Science

MyHeritage Launches DNA Quest — a Major Pro Bono Initiative for Adoptees and Their Biological Families to Find Each Other via DNA Testing

Book Review: American Settlements and Migrations: A Primer for Genealogists and Family Historians

Book Review: History for Genealogists

Book Review: The Family Tree Historical Newspapers Guide

BYU TV’s Genealogy-Based Television Show ‘Relative Race’ is Coming Back

CBC (English-language) and Radio-Canada (French) Music Library Closing, CD’s to be Digitised, Destroyed

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies Announces a New Eastern European Records

Certificate Featuring Courses Written by Lisa Alzo, MFA

Findmypast Acquires Genealogy Startup Twile – Winner of Two RootsTech Innovation Awards

Findmypast Brings New York Catholic Records Online for the First Time

Findmypast Helps North American Researchers Discover British & Irish Ancestors

Legacy Republic Launches in Salt Lake City to Save One Million Memories and Unlock Region’s Genealogy Treasure Chest

A new ‘In-brief’ Concise Report has been Released for English & Welsh Ancestor Research

Ukrainian Genealogy Group to Host a Virtual Conference

Nicki Peak Birch, CG, Retiring as Executive Director of BCG

Founders, Fishermen, and Family History Cruise Features Genealogy and History

It is the First Day of the Month: Back Up Your Genealogy Files

Recent Updates to the Calendar of Genealogy Events

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One Comment

Having not read the book, there does appear to be a significant event left out. Once Acadia was ceded to England, the English spent 40 years attempting to have the Acadians swear allegiance to the English Crown. They occupied strategic territory for the English and they refused to pledge allegiance as they could not see themselves fight the French. The French and the English returned on several occasions and naturally the English wanted to be assured that the Acadians would be their enemies. Looking back, there seems to have been better solutions but it was another time and world.


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