What Your Cat’s DNA Can Tell You

OK, now I have heard it all. Cat DNA?

Basepaws is a company dedicated to genetic testing for cats. You order a CatKit ($95), which equips you with all the tools you need to provide Basepaws with DNA samples from your kitty. The kit includes a swab for collecting cheek cells and tape for collecting fur. Have you ever tried to put a stick into the mouth of a cat? Good luck with that!

Basepaws aims to tackle several spheres of information related to DNA—things like health, ancestry, and predicting traits. However, it is a new company and presently is only able to provide basic information about breeding. Is your cat a purebred? Probably not, but Basepaws can tell you for sure.

The Basepaws Alpha Report also tells you if your feline companion shares recent DNA (“recent” as in the past 100 generations or so… or maybe it is within the last 1,000 generations… or more) with wild cats. Is your cat descended from a jaguar?

Notice the word “alpha” in the name of the test: the Basepaws Alpha Report. “Alpha” means “not guaranteed to be accurate.” I wouldn’t place a lot of faith in this report.

Anyway… if you would like to test your kitty, head to https://www.basepaws.com/ and be prepared to spend $95.


My wife and I got a new kitten last September. ‘Rosie’ aka ‘Crazy Cat’ is about now about nine months old although I can’t find a birth Certificate with her father’s name on it. We know Rosie’s mother’s name as we got Rosie from a lady down the road who, for some reason, has never gotten around to having to having the Mother spayed. Kittens popping out on a regular basis. We believe Rosie’s heritage lies directly within her family so Rosie’s Father could also be her Cousin or her Uncle or her Brother so we don’t need a DNA kit to support that theory. On the other hand, Rosie’s Father might also be one of a number of various neighour’s amorous roving Tom Cats but I’m not about to wander around the neighborhood at dusk with a flashlight trying to catch strange Tom Cats by the scruff of their neck and sticking a swab in their mouth and pulling out a tuff of hair! Rosie is very sociable and likes to help my with my Genealogy. She likes to push piles of genealogy papers off my desk and onto the floor and meows at me to restart a new Do-Over. And she is a quick leaner of self-taught computer skills as she inputs data when I’m not looking as she walks across my keyboard. I’ll save my $95 but thank you for offering but I bet some cat lover will spring for the DNA test. It’s only money!

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Might be interesting but I think I will donate my $95 to my local animal shelter. Could feed many for this amount.

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I agree with Sue. Support local animals. My cats have always been mutts, and I don’t even know how old my current cat is. She had already had a litter before I adopted her, and I have no idea where her children are now! But she’s a great cat, and I don’t care where she or her ancestors came from. I do know her ancient ancestors were probably from Africa, in common with most domestic cats! I wonder how much business this company will get?

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