Philip Dayton Thorpe’s Obituary: “I told you this would happen”

Philip Dayton Thorpe passed away on April 10. Before his death, he wrote his own obituary. Here are some excerpts:

“Philip Dayton Thorpe, born in Salt Lake City, April 1, 1934, to Ward R. & Phyllis Dayton Thorpe, and whose birth probably marked the beginning of April Fools’ Day, died April 10, 2018, from causes related to life-long obesity and sleeping standing up. His grave marker will read ‘This corpse, is Phil Thorpe’s.'”

“His accomplishments will be published at a later date, if any are discovered.”

“He served as an artillery officer in the U.S. Army. Canada wouldn’t take him because, so they said, they don’t go to war much up there.”

The obituary includes a small photograph that appears to be a “mug shot” from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, which I suspect is a joke photograph, not authentic.

There is more. Go to to read his entire obituary.


Great obit!

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Natalie Thorpe Child April 15, 2018 at 1:35 am

That’s my wonderful Daddy!! He left us a lifetime of laughs! He is already sorely missed! Thanks for sharing his humorous legacy with others. 🤓

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My mother was a Thorpe from Ontario Canada.
Found this interesting


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