Steve Morse Adds Even More Functionality to His One-Step Site

Steve Morse is well-known within the genealogy community for creating all sorts of software tools that (in most cases) extract information from the Web and display it in understandable terms. His easy-to-use routines have become sort of a Swiss Army Knife for genealogists and others. To see some of the earlier articles about Steve’s great collection of tools, look at the list at

Here is the latest announcement from Steve concerning still another addition to his toolbox:

Since 2016 I have had a tool on my One-Step website for doing searches in the New York State Voter records. I just added a companion tool to search the New Jersey Voter records. Both tools are in the VITAL records section of my One-Step website. The direct links to these tools are:

New Jersey:

New York:

Besides containing juicy information on your neighbors, like their party affiliation and whether they voted in the most recent election, the voter records also contain useful genealogical information such as dates of birth. And they contain addresses, making it useful as a people-locator tool.


Hope you are enjoying your trip. Thanks for keep us updated. Steve Morse always has such great information.
I was able to find all my New York relatives voting records very easy and I was surprised to see they were split with party affiliations half Republican & half Democrat. Family what can I say..


I have been using Steve Morse’s excellent site for years, but I didn’t know about these new resources. I tried two people who are known to me, and the New York searches worked flawlessly. Then I tried with three New Jersey people who are also known to me, and the results came back as zero – not found. The New Jersey search appears to be non-functional at this time.


I must modify my first posting. The New Jersey search function works, but it still appears to be quirky. Results were inconsistent.


Just a thought but this could make one less likely to vote.
How else can I not have my personal information available to the public and still vote?


I think there are more states that offer voting info. I hope he considers adding the rest to his website.


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