The World’s Most Powerful Windows 10 Pocket-Sized PC

NOTE: This article is off-topic. That is, it has nothing to do with genealogy or history. If you are looking for genealogy-related articles, you might want to skip this one. However, I’d love to have one of these tiny computers on my next research trip to a library or archive. In fact, I ordered one today.

The Mi Mini PC, launched last week on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, has to be the smallest Windows 10 computer that is soon to be available. It literally slips into a pocket. Yet it has most everything built in that you will need except for a keyboard. Even that “problem” is easily solved by using a foldable Bluetooth keyboard that is included in the purchase price of the computer.

The Mi Mini PC is being offered on Indiegogo at an introductory price of $149 US although that price is expected to increase soon after it goes into mass production. The price includes a 2.56GHz Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor, a 128-gigabyte solid state “disk drive,” 8 gigabytes of RAM memory, wi-fi networking, Bluetooth, a variety of USB ports, and a built-in 5-inch display screen of 1,280 x 720 pixels. The manufacturer claims the 6,000mAh battery will deliver six hours of power before needing to be recharged. The solid state “disk drive” also can be upgraded by the manufacturer to 256GB for an additional $30 or upgraded to 500GB for $50.

The crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo has already met and exceeded its financial goal.

Surprisingly, the computer will come with both Windows 10 and Android 5.1. Yes, you should be able to run both Android apps and almost all Windows 10 programs on this tiny computer that slips into your pocket. I assume it will run any of today’s Windows or Android genealogy apps. I have to say “assume” as I haven’t yet had one of these devices in my hands for testing. However, the specifications from the manufacturer are encouraging.

I am sure there will be issues when trying to display a large pedigree chart or a huge spreadsheet on a tiny 5-inch screen. Yet I use a “smartphone” that has a 6-inch screen and it works well as long as the software cooperates and doesn’t try to squeeze too much information into the limited display size. I would assume (there’s that word again: “assume”) the same would be true of the mini PC. Android apps normally are designed for use on small display screens but Windows programs usually are not. Of course, you could always plug a large monitor into the Mi Mini PC’s HDMI while at home but you won’t want to carry a 27-inch monitor with you when using the tiny PC in a library or archive!

The Mi Mini PC presently can only be ordered from the crowdfunding site Indiegogo with deliveries predicted for September 2018. However, predicted ship dates on Indiegogo often turn out to be overly optimistic. I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing doesn’t ship until a later date. If you are unhappy with the real ship date, Indiegogo offers full refunds of your order at any time before the device actually ships.

As is typical on all crowdfunding web sites, the order form for this tiny PC states, “Indiegogo does not guarantee that the perks offered by the campaigner will be produced or delivered.” You can learn more about the delivery issues at:

I travel a lot and would love to have this tiny powerhouse with me at all times. Therefore, I ordered one today. I’ll write about it when I receive it.

If you would like to learn more about the Mi Mini PC, look at: as well as in the video below.


So, when is the Apple rival coming out? 😉
(At 3x the cost and 50% more bugs?)


Dick, it would be wonderful if this item would work with Pocket Genealogist as that program allows you to see all the information you need when in a library or archives. My old HP pocket pc will no longer function. I think the issue is Windows Mobile.


How much do they sell for??


    —> How much do they sell for??

    I believe that was mentioned in the article above: “The Mi Mini PC is being offered on Indiegogo at an introductory price of $149 US although that price is expected to increase soon after it goes into mass production.” There are several options available that obviously can increase that price. However, I ordered mine for $149 US with no options.


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