Register of Qualified Genealogists’ Call for Speakers and Posters – The Way Ahead: Future Challenges for Genealogy

The following announcement was written by the Register of Qualified Genealogists, a U.K. organization:

The Register of Qualified Genealogists will host a conference “The Way Ahead: Future Challenges for Genealogy” at the National Railway Museum, York, England on 20 October 2018.

We are looking for speaker and poster presentations. Do you have a cutting-edge or original contribution to make? Join the keynote speakers:

  • Law Professor, Rebecca Probert, a specialist on marriage topics and best known as the author of ‘Marriage Law for Genealogists’ (Takeaway, 2012).
  • Dr Iain McDonald, whose work on genetic genealogy was recognized with an Honorary Research Fellowship at the University of Strathclyde’s Genealogical Studies Programme.

The conference theme is future challenges for genealogy. Topics for presentations include:

  • Future challenges for family history and genealogical studies.
  • Improving genealogical practice.
  • The challenges for future genealogical education.
  • Projects undertaken for academic genealogical programmes of study such as dissertations or other studies.
  • Presentations based on published papers in peer reviewed journals.
  • DNA studies within genealogical research.
  • Genealogy and adoption.
  • Archiving and storing data/digitisation/security of storing data and the challenges of large collections of data being made accessible.
  • Reconstituted families and fragmentation. How will changes to the family affect genealogical practice in the future?

Speaker’s presentations (paper) will be 30 minutes duration. The deadline for submission of speaker’s papers 30 May 2018. Please submit an abstract following the guidelines at

Poster presentations offer an opportunity to present without giving a full paper, display work in progress for discussion and networking with fellow genealogists. The deadline for poster presentations is 31 August 2018. Please submit an abstract following the guidelines at

Acceptance of speaker’s submissions will be notified on 22 June 2018. After that, watch the Register of Qualified Genealogists for details of the program at Excited by the future challenges for genealogy? Early bird tickets are available at


This sounds a very interesting, relevant conference. However at £70.00 attendance, I think I will have to wait to read reports after the event!


It is a leap of faith to book a place until we know the nature of papers which are being presented. How many papers have been agreed so far, I wonder.


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