A new DNA Matrix Chart is now Available in Charting Companion

Progeny Genealogy has introduced a new chart in its popular Charting Companion software that provides a simple way to visualize DNA test results, in the context of a Descendant chart.

The DNA Matrix combines a genealogy database (Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, Legacy, etc.) with the CSV match files that result from DNA tests. It shows the amount of DNA shared by people in the family tree. It can highlight errors, or confirm hypotheses.

The DNA Matrix is based on the “McGuire method“, and was crowd-sourced in the Facebook group “Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques“.

It is impossible to  describe these charts by simply using words. I suggest you look for yourself on the Progeny Genealogy web site at: http://progenygenealogy.com/Products/Family-Tree-Charts/DNA-Matrix and at http://progenygenealogy.com/Products/Family-Tree-Charts/DNA-Simulation. You can also see the many other kinds of charts available from Progeny Genealogy at http://progenygenealogy.com/Products/Family-Tree-Charts/Chart-Gallery.


Can you point me to the directions for using Charting Companion with the McGuire Method? I purchased the Charting Companion and uploaded the appropriate Gedcom. However, I am still searching for directions on how to import DNA information from Ancestry.


    I have the same question as Carolyn. The Charting Companion website seems to indicate that it works with Ancestry, but I don’t know of any way to download information on matches from Ancestry. I know there’s a plugin for Chrome, but I didn’t have much luck with that. Are there any other ways to export from Ancestry?


I was also under the impression one could use FTM 2017 file and Chart companion to print the x chromosome charts we are used to seeing. I still am unable to find how to do this. Help.


Hello, I apologize, I have found the X chromosome chart. KAM


The instructions are all in the Charting Companion User Guide, starting on page 90. It explains how you need to add a “DNA kit” fact type to your desktop program (Family Treemaker, RootsMagic, etc) and use either GEDmatch or DNAGEDCOM for the DNA source file.


Correction – it works with all DNA sources, including FTDNA, Ancestry & MyHeritage. Wonderful detailed instructions in the User Guide. I succeeded in doing a McGuire Chart for two scenarios using the DNA Matrix tool, GEDmatch data, and RootsMagic.


I have watched the video and mine keeps coming up no kits in tree match kits Nos in CSV file. I have added the kit numbers to FTM and downloaded the CSV files as instructed from FTDNA chromosome browser. I have followed the Charting Companion guide, but still keep getting the same message. I have DNA kits for myself, father, and my children, how far back should I choose the MRCA.


    I keep getting the same and I am using a GEDmatch file exactly as they have pictured. I also have the Kit #’s in Ancestry as they indicated before pulling the GEDCOM. Been working at this for about 5 hours and have had no luck whatsoever.


    Hi, A Jeremy Cook responded to my message on Facebook Here is what I received from the company – Pierre Clouthier (Progeny Genealogy) Jul 23, 08:37 ADT Hi Jeff –
    Please un-check the “Create DNA Matches list” option in the DNA Simulation tab of the options. I did try this but it didn’t help unfortunately. It may work for you.


    I’m having the exact same problem. Can’t figure out what is wrong. I’m wondering if I have put something in the wrong place so it’s not reading the kit info but thought I followed the directions. I’m using FTM with downloaded CSV files from Ancestry.


    Hi, There is a Facebook Group for Charting Companion which I have found very helpful


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