Your Ancestors: the Swimsuit Edition

If Sports Illustrated can have an annual Swimsuit Edition, why can’t a genealogy blog or web site do the same?

Today’s picture of bathing beauties comes from the web site, a site that specializes in displaying high-resolution images of old photographs. Entitled Bathing at York Beach, Maine, this photograph was taken around 1906.

Click on the above image to view a high-resolution version.

While the first thing that most people will notice is the “bathing costumes” of the women and men alike, I also find it interesting that many of the men are wearing suit coats at the beach! Many of the women are also dressed in very nice looking street clothes, not “bathing costumes.” Men and women alike are wearing hats. Obviously, they are not planning to enter the water.

You can view a high-resolution image of this 1906 photograph on the web site at:

I have been on this beach at York, Maine many times. The “bathing costumes” are not the same today!


I have my Maine grandmother’s wool bathing suit. Looks more like shorts than the picture shown.


Can you imagine swimming fully clothed!! What a “drag.”


    I don’t think you went “swimming” – I think you “took the waters’ – just dipped in to get wet and maybe enjoy some waves. Still – all those clothes – probably hazardous – they would weigh you down!


One of my favorite family photos is of my grandfather walking along the beach in San Diego. Holding his hand is his 3-year-old daughter, my aunt. He’s wearing a full three-piece suit and hat. They’d come from church on Sunday. Brings me a smile.


My attention was immediately drawn to the buildings that used to be there, I like them much better than the condos now all along the Maine coast!


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