(+) Update: Will Your Next Primary Computer be a Tablet or a Smartphone?

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Last week I wrote a Plus Edition article (at http://eogn.com/wp/?p=46913) predicting that desktop and laptop computers will soon shrink in size to that of a cell phone. All you would need for multiple uses would be one of these high-powered cell phones plus a docking station or maybe two docking stations: one at home and one at the office. You will be able to remove the cell phone from your pocket or purse and connect it to a docking station whenever you want to run the most powerful programs that were normally reserved for desktop use back in “the good old days of 2018.”

Other items plugged into that docking station could include: a full sized keyboard, a mouse, a very large display screen (perhaps 30-inches or bigger), printers, a scanner, a row of USB connectors, a VoIP telephone, and more. All these peripherals connect (through the docking station) to the high-powered central processor in the cell phone.

That technology isn’t restricted to the future. It is here now although it won’t be available for purchase until later this year.

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