MK Eichler wants to Establish a National Genealogy Database for Israel

A haredi lawmaker has announced plans to advance legislation which if passed would establish a national genealogical database, listing every individual whose Jewishness has been verified by the Israeli Chief Rabbinate.

MK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism) said this week his party would push the “Genealogy Database Law,” which he first proposed last year.

If passed, the law establish the first state-run database documenting the status under traditional Jewish law of all Israeli citizens. According to the draft of the law proposed last year, the database would be established and maintained by the Chief Rabbinate.

You can read more in the Israel National news at


The news article says Eichler wants this because, if a law passes, the Chief Rabbinate will no longer have control of Jewish conversions. He wants a government funded database of Jews based on Ultra-Orthodox laws. This is another way of ultra religious Jews trying to control who and what is Jewish in Israel.


    Not ultra-religious, just religious. All of the religious parties here believe in the same Torah and Halacha. In this matter there is a uniform opinion of who a Jew is opposed to what the Nazis declared in the 1930s.


Mark me down as worried about quality control.


The article is incorrect in stating “… all Israeli citizens …”, since it doesn’t propose to establish a corresponding database for the 25% of Israeli citizens who are not Jewish.


The use and abuse ofgenealogy


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