Coming soon to Mormon Genealogical Database: Records of Gay Couples and Same-Sex Parents

The U.S. Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in every state, but the LDS Church’s FamilySearch massive genealogy databank still hasn’t listed same-sex couples. However, change is coming to the genealogy resource — and soon.

An article by Peggy Fletcher Stack in the Salt Lake Tribune web site states:

“The church’s genealogical arm has been planning for several years to expand its services to include “same-sex parents and same-sex couples,” according to a statement on the FamilySearch website, but that requires several systems to be “significantly redesigned to support same-sex relationships before Family Tree can release this capability.”

“The group expects to ‘finish this work by 2019,’ it said. ‘Following this work, the FamilySearch Family Tree application can then allow same-sex information to be recorded.’”

“Owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, FamilySearch is ‘one of the world’s largest collections of genealogical data, drawn from civil, ecclesiastical and other sources to assist researchers,’ church spokeswoman Irene Caso said Wednesday in a statement. It makes no judgment ‘as to the legitimacy or character of the relationships found in these public records. … They are simply collections of data to be assessed for their genealogical value by each researcher.’”

You can read the full story at


nigelhuffingwaysmythe June 13, 2018 at 4:33 pm

Very odd. The Mormons do genealogy so they can baptize the dead, and seal dead married people to each other. But I think it’s pretty clear they won’t be sealing dead married gay people to each other. So why are they doing this?


    Probably because they are true Christians and realize that the Gay have been around since the Garden of Eden. Even the Mormans have Gay families.


    “I think it’s pretty clear they won’t be sealing dead married gay people to each other…”
    1. Why is it clear?
    2. It’s a genealogy database, therefore should hold all aspects of genealogy.


nigelhuffingwaysmythe June 14, 2018 at 10:04 am

It’s clear because they won’t even seal living gay people together. They spent millions in California to oppose marriage equality!


Similar question: when recording a same-sex couple….who do you put in the female spot and who in the male spot? Thank you.


    I think you’re missing the point Trudy – there won’t be a male spot and a female spot in a same-sex couple relationship. That’s presumably one reason why the job is not a quick and simple one.


    But the software programs have male and female spots. they are not set up for same sex partners. So who goes in which spot?


    Trudy – the Family Search Family Tree software will be altered so that there is no longer a male and female spot mandated. That’s what this article is about. Other people’s software may or may not change – which may lead to problems.


    The more relevant question is *why* can you only enter heterosexual couples for a marriage in most genealogy programs. The answer: The software was created by members of the LDS who refused to update it.
    A reason given was because a same sex marriage cannot biologically produce children. The problem is that all of those same software packages allow for the entry of adoptions.


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