Man, Presumed Dead, Returns Home a Year After the Family Cremated the Wrong Body

“Honey, I’m home”


“I got better”

A man in his 40s, who was reported missing last year, and later “found,” then confirmed dead by police and his family who had him cremated, has shocked his family by returning home alive and well.

According to police reports, the man in his 40s went missing from his home in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, last year. His family filed a missing persons report immediately after and police had been searching for his whereabouts. The police then found an unconscious man in the Edo River in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward. His facial and body features matched those reported by the family of the missing man in his 40s. The man found in the river passed away shortly after he was taken to a hospital. There was no ID on him.

The family of the missing man, including his wife and two other relatives, were called by police to identify the body, which they did, confirming that “there’s no mistake” that this was him.

The police believed the incident had been solved and pronounced the first man was dead and then closed the investigation. The whole investigation later became unraveled when the supposedly-deceased man walked into his home about a year later, surprising his wife.

You can read this interesting story in the JapanToday web site at

I would love to know what the man told his wife where he was for the past year. Unfortunately, the article in the JapanToday web site doesn’t tell us. I hope it was a good excuse! I doubt if he simply said, “Surprise!”



Please get us the follow up story.



So when people from a different culture cannot differentiate between two people, it is not always because they are racists?

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“Police refused to say where he was or what he was doing.” From The Japan Times,
“Police went through their files and found a set of fingerprints, which after an analysis, proved to have been taken from a different man in his 30s who lived in Tokyo.” From The Asahi Shimbun,


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