How to Prepare your Google Account for When You Pass Away

I have written before about Who Will Handle your Facebook Page After You Are Gone? (see and What to do with Your Genealogy Collection When You Downsize or Die  (see Now Jerry Hildenbrand has written a similar article about all your information on Google: GMail, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Pay, and more.

Hildenbrand tells how to use Google’s Inactive Account Manager. It allows you to be very specific about what is done with your digital information after your account has been inactive for a set length of time.

I already have my Google Inactive Account Manager set up to give full access to my Google account to the executor of my estate. I found it to be a rather painless and simple process.

What planning do you have in place? Nothing? You’d better read How to Prepare your Google Account for When You Pass Away at

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Just as important – have a plan for what happens over the period, who has authority, during the period in which you gradually lose physical and mental capacity. This may be several years.

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