Cayman Islands Search for Ancestors of Welsh Settlers

The search is on for descendants of the first settlers on the tropical Cayman Islands. If your surname is Walters or Bawden it could be you.

If it turns out you’re related to their first inhabitant, the Cayman Islands will fly you to the islands to participate in a celebration of the island’s first settlers.

A Welshman called Walters and a Cornishman called Bawden were the first known people to step foot on the islands in the Caribbean in 1658. Their names subsequently morphed into Watler and Bodden, which remain prevalent family names today.

To mark 360 years, officials are in Cardiff trying to find links. “Our search for Walters is not just about reuniting long-lost relatives, it’s also a way of building closer links to Wales for the future,” said the islands’ representative to the UK, Eric Bush.

Welsh Walter/Walters or Watlers are encouraged to get in touch with the Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK at and #IamCayman.

One Comment

My son-in-Law is a Bodden descendent, from the islands, where the story goes, they “owned” an island, and were pirates. He’ll be tickled to pursue this!


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