MyHeritage Launches New Filtering System for DNA Matches

I have only used this briefly but it certainly did work well for me!

MyHeritage has released a brand new filtering system for DNA Matches — which will be very helpful for anyone looking for DNA cousin matches.

Quoting the announcement on the MyHeritage Blog:

“DNA Matches are people who share DNA segments with you. Each DNA Match is thought to be related to you, with one or more shared segments inherited from one or more common ancestors. By now, the DNA database on MyHeritage has grown so large, that most users on MyHeritage have thousands of DNA Matches. Managing all those DNA Matches, and making sense of them has become a challenge — and this is exactly where the new filtering system comes in!

“Filtering lets you view a subset of your DNA Matches at a time, focusing on those that match particular criteria, of more interest to you. We’ve added a beautiful user interface to the DNA Overview page that lets you filter your DNA Matches easily by relationship, by country or by ethnicity. And we’ve added a powerful filter toolbar that lets you do all that, and much more. Using the new filter toolbar, you can combine multiple filters, and filter matches by additional criteria such as those that have a family tree, have shared ancestral surnames with you or have Smart Matches™ with you.”

MyHeritage also made some improvements to the user interface of the DNA Matches in general. For example, the ethnicity and DNA Matches are now on two adjacent tabs to make it very easy to switch from one to the other for any of the DNA kits you manage. Viewing family trees of your DNA Matches now uses the Pedigree View.

There is a lot more to the explanation plus a number of helpful step-by-step screen shots of the new filters in action on the MyHeritage Blog at:


Still didn’t work for me. Too many matches in “3rd cousin to distant”. Most are not even within 5th cousin range. I can account only 6 out of more than 250.


Curiously, my cousin’s daughters (1st cousins, once removed, to me) sorted to different levels. The one with fewer centimorgans, but more segments, showed up in “close.” Her sister, who shared MORE centimorgans, but 3 fewer segments clocked in at “extended.” To me, that seems counter-intuitive. Fewer segments, but more centimorgans would seem to imply more, longer segments–and a closer or stronger connection. Obviously their algorithm is different. Not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, though . . .


This system is not working for me either. Much worse than 1st system.


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