Music CDs, R.I.P.

A bit of history has faded away. Best Buy has stopped selling CDs at its stores. The sales of music CDs apparently is no longer profitable, due to digital streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and others.

Now CDs have gone the way of buggy whips. You can read more in an article in the MoneyWatch web site at:


The writing was on the wall years ago when computer manufacturers began eliminating optical drives. Copy your CDs to a hard drive now, while the drives (and drivers) are still available. Remember floppy disks? Even if you still have a USB floppy disk reader it’s unlikely there’s a driver to run it on your version of Windows or iOS. Won’t be long before CDs meet the same fate.


David Paul Davenport July 3, 2018 at 11:34 am

I’m keeping my buggy whip just case there is an incident with an electro-pulse device that eliminates all digital media.


CDs are still very popular in store and online in the UK although many are switching to online services – but many of these only provide lo res files compared to CDs.
BTW I still have a rarely used USB floppy drive and it still works under Windows 10.


I think it’s Best Buy that is fading away and not CDs. I work for a large chain of used bookstores that sells tons and tons of CDs every week. We also see a steady stream of newer stuff sold to us as musical tastes come and go. I remember a few years back when people thought vinyl was a dying medium. Now companies are pressing new vinyl. We even still have demand for cassette tapes and 8 tracks.

Also, like Netflix and other video streaming services, the music services won’t carry everything. Rights change, contracts expire, and demands change. Better to own the originals for when the streaming services stop playing what I like.


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