Yesterday was the First Day of the Month: Back Up Your Genealogy Files

BackUpYourGenealogyFilesI normally publish this reminder on the first day of every month. However, the first day of July was yesterday, a Sunday. I normally don’t publish new articles on Sunday so I will publish the reminder today.

Actually, you can make backups at any time. However, it is easier and safer if you have a specific schedule. The first day of the month is easy to remember, so I would suggest you back up your genealogy files at least on the first day of every month (or the next day), if not more often.

Of course, you might want to back up more than your genealogy files. Family photographs, your checkbook register, all sorts of word processing documents, email messages, and much more need to be backed up regularly. Why not do that on the first day of each month?

NOTE: You can find a list of my previous articles about making backups by starting at:

You might want to check out What I Use Now for Backups at


If you use a package like Carbonite, your genealogy files (indeed, all your files) are backed up whenever you make a change. So if you updated your family tree today, and tomorrow the computer dies, you still have the most up-to-dst


I enjoy reading your newsletter and never fail to pick up great suggestions, ideas etc from your articles. As a struggling beginner I sometimes feel nearly overwhelmed. On the first of every month when you remind us to backup our genealogy files, may I suggest you consider providing the link to your previous article/s (how to, and why backup your genealogy files). This would provide a quick refresher on the correct and complete backing up of our files.Thanks for your informative newsletter!


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