Building Demolition Halted at Former Quaker Graveyard

Developers have been forced to halt the demolition of a former social club that was built on top of a Quaker burial ground in Roundhill, Hampshire, England. The project was to build eight homes and a shop – but strict conditions had been set before a construction permit was issued. Work came to a halt when the site was found to be a former Quaker graveyard.

A New Forest District Council spokesman said: “The site is located in a conservation area and is of historical and archaeological significance.”

The halt to construction has left neighbors staring at a half-demolished building on a rubbish-strewn site, frequently inhabited by squatters and arsonists.

You can read more in an article the Daily Echo at


One Comment

So glad that work stopped — besides historical what about respect for the dead ? Spent some days in England’s Quaker country –my first ancestor to America was from Wharfe and a passenger on the Lamb. I am not a Quaker but find their history very interesting in England–and the US.


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