You can Purchase a refurbished HP 14 Chromebook for $110

I have written often about the many advantages of Chromebooks. See for a list of my earlier articles about these inexpensive laptop computers. Also see Turn a Chromebook into a Powerhouse With the Best Chromebook Apps written by Tyler Lacoma at:

I have a Chromebook and it has become my primary traveling computer. I also use it often when at the house. (“Who was the director of that 1993 movie I am now watching on TV?”) Now the Cheapskate Blog, written by Rick Broida, describes a bargain: a Chromebook you can purchase for $110 US. If you are thinking about picking up a laptop for yourself or for a family member, this might be a tempting offer for you.

The Hewlett-Packard 14-AK040NR is refurbished, not brand-new. However, it includes a 6-month guarantee, longer than most other refurbished items.

NOTE: I have purchased refurbished items a number of times in the past few years, including a Chromebook I purchased about 5 years ago. (I upgraded to a new Chromebook last year.) I have never had a problem with any of the refurbished gear I have purchased but I always carefully check out the warrantee before paying any money.

This Hewlett-Packard Chromebook is not a bottom-of-the-line unit but also not a top-of-the-line device either. It includes 4 gigabytes of RAM memory while most of the inexpensive Chromebooks only have 2 gigabytes of RAM memory. It also has 16 gigabytes of expandable flash storage although I doubt if you will ever fill it. Chromebooks’ default is to save files in the cloud, not on the local hard drive. (You can override that and save things on the local hard drive or to a plugged-in flash drive, should you wish to do so. Also, thousands of Chromebook apps will work and will store data locally even when offline.)

NOTE: My newest Chromebook is a rather high-end unit with 64 gigabytes of flash storage. The last time I checked, I found that I had managed to fill 2.1 gigabytes in that Chromebook’s local storage after about one year’s use.

Again, the Hewlett-Packard is not a top-of-the-line Chromebook but I will suggest it will work well at most all the web-based applications you use. You can find more about all the available Chromebook applications by starting at Please note that most of the Chromebook apps are available free of charge although there are a very few exceptions. All of the exceptions are clearly labeled with the prices.

For a list of all the genealogy-related apps for Chromebooks, see (There are a LOT of them!)

The sale is on now but I suspect it will sell out soon. For more information, go to Rick Broida’s Cheapskate Blog at



I bought a refurb from WalMart. com with Win 10 a couple of years ago tor under $140 Over 50 less than Amazon. Mixed reviews on Chrome


I am still using my old PAF Genealogy program..AND still love it. I would like to put the program on something manageable for traveling. Any suggestions?


    Julie, try using the free version of Ancestral Quest. AQ uses your PAF database without any need to convert your data. Gaylon Findlay is the author/programmer of AQ, and he donated the last Windows versions of PAF. When you us AQ, you won’t have issues with data conversion.


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