The Family History Researcher Academy’s English/Welsh Family History Course now Available on USB – as Well as Download

The following announcement was written by the Family History Researcher Academy:

The Family History Researcher Academy has added some new delivery options to their in-depth English & Welsh Family History Course that reveals the best records and resources for searching for your elusive English or Welsh ancestors

Following customer feedback, those who want to pay a one-off fee and receive all the modules in one package can now do so. The new delivery methods would do away with having to wait for the normal weekly scheduled lesson release – though this is still available with the monthly subscription option, for those who preferred this discipline (see below).

To launch the new options The Family History Researcher Academy is offering two promotions:

  1. Students who want the lessons mailed to them on a thumb drive will receive 20% off the full course price.
  2. Those who want to download all 52 lessons online will benefit from a 30% discount.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer to log in for a weekly scheduled lesson the $1 for a month’s trial continues. Whichever option you chose this accessible course gives you the knowledge to better research for your English or Welsh ancestors and has received great feedback from students.

“Thank you for your detailed study of English research. I have done a lot of English research, yet much of what you have sent is stuff that people don’t know, so thank you very much for your diligence in putting this together.” S Johnston

“Great series. Will be reading them again as I work on my English ancestors.” J. Gill

The choice you now have is:

  • Take a $1 Trial for a Month and then pay a monthly subscription – lessons released weekly online
  • Buy ALL the lessons on a USB stick mailed to you free – 20% off
  • Pay a one-off amount and download ALL the modules from the website – 30% off

Read more about the One-time payment options here:



I would like to download the complete English & Welsh Course, but there is no minimum size thumb drive capacity recommended. Please advise, and thanks.


    nickthenoseygenealogist July 24, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    The USB option I have advertised is to have all the pdf lessons sent to you on a pre-loaded USB. This is mailed without extra charge from the USA for North American customers and from the UK for others.
    The download option is to access the lessons from inside an area of my website. Each lesson can then be downloaded to a file on your computer (or your own USB if you chose). Total space requirement for storing all 52 pdf modules is approximately 80 MB.
    I hope I have understood your question in giving this answer.


Your reply answered my question. Thank you.


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