U.S. Census Should Be More Transparent About Cyber Protections, Former Officials Say

The U.S. Census Bureau will conduct its first largely online decennial census in 2020 but hasn’t said how it will secure the process. The U.S. Census Bureau should detail for the American people how it will secure their information as it prepares to accept online questionnaires for the first time during the 2020 decennial survey, former top government cyber officials said Monday.

That should include technical details about how the bureau will encrypt questionnaires and whether it will encrypt them both in transit and once they’ve arrived in government computer networks, the former officials said in a letter organized by a division of Georgetown University’s Law Center.

Details are available in an article by Joseph Marks in the Route Fifty web site. Click here to read it.


They do not know. What works today won’t work in 2 yeas. Old fashioned paper is best for security.


Thousands of people who have no concept of how to use current technology will have little use for an on-line census. Unfortunately, some people in America still are illiterate, foreign speaking and in hospital settings and should not be missed by our Census Bureau.


If depending only on technology, the U.S. Census Bureau will miss out on a good number of citizens who are unable to respond because they (1) have no access to transportation to get to a IT site; (2) may not have the abilities you and I take for granted, e.g. literacy, health, vision, or cognitive abilities to comprehend any IT format. (3) may not desire to comply with only IT entry for fears of cyber crimes; or unwilling to share with a stranger knocking on there door with a computer to help them. Congress needs to be more aware of “exceptions” to those with whom they routinely converse.


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