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Announcing the Laura G. Prescott SLIG Scholarship

U.S. Census Bureau Needs Hundreds of Thousands of Workers

U.S. Census Bureau Director Nominated

U.S. Census Should Be More Transparent About Cyber Protections, Former Officials Say

How Can Siblings Have DNA Showing Different Ethnicity Estimates?

Saving Aberdeen’s History turns up Gems, Mysteries

Digipulse Sends Access Information about Your Digital Assets After You Die

Locate My Name – a Distribution of Names Across Regions

University of Minnesota: Immigration History Research Center Archives

Caribou (Maine) Library Has Archives Dating Back to the Late 19th Century

Findmypast and Living DNA Announce a Partnership

Lancashire joins Findmypast’s collection of UK parish records

The Family History Researcher Academy’s English/Welsh Family History Course now Available on USB – as Well as Download

Korean War 65th Anniversary Commemoration aboard USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum

Recent Updates to the Calendar of Genealogy Events

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One Comment

Having not read the book, there does appear to be a significant event left out. Once Acadia was ceded to England, the English spent 40 years attempting to have the Acadians swear allegiance to the English Crown. They occupied strategic territory for the English and they refused to pledge allegiance as they could not see themselves fight the French. The French and the English returned on several occasions and naturally the English wanted to be assured that the Acadians would be their enemies. Looking back, there seems to have been better solutions but it was another time and world.


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