Xcode Life Releases Free Do-It-Yourself Tools for Ancestry DNA Raw Data Holders

If you are very familiar with DNA as used in genealogy, you may be interested in this software tool announced this weekend by Xcode Life of Chennai, India. The company sells a variety of DNA raw data analysis tools software tools. Here is the company’s announcement of its newest product. the Interformat Data conversion tool:

Xcode Life has announced the release of a suite of free DNA raw data analysis tools catering to the personal genomics community. These tools help in getting the most value out of raw data from ancestry DNA tests from various companies such as 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, Living DNA, among several others.

CHENNAI, India – July 21, 2018 – Xcode Life, a global personal genomics company has released a suite of free tools to help individuals with the analysis of DNA raw data provided by companies like 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA and My Heritage DNA.

The suite of tools addresses the need of the consumer genomics community interested in genealogical and health information from their raw DNA data. It is common for individuals to get their ancestry DNA test done by multiple companies such as 23andMe, Ancestry DNA and Family Tree DNA, among others. However, the raw data from these providers are not identical. Merging these data files can improve the information value to as much as twice of what can be obtained from a single raw data file.

The Interformat Data conversion tool from Xcode Life allows conversion of raw data from one format to another. For example, one can convert their raw data from Ancestry DNA to 23andMe or from Family Tree DNA format to Ancestry DNA format.

Another tool, the Multi-merge tool, from Xcode Life, allows merging multiple genotyping files from several companies into a single file. For instance, if your 23andMe raw data has around 500,000 unique markers and your Ancestry DNA raw data has 300,000 unique markers that are not present in the 23andMe raw data file, then the merged file provides 800,000 unique genetic markers. The merged file has more genetic markers than the individual files. This may improve the genealogical and health interpretation significantly.

Once the raw data is uploaded, the converted files are emailed directly to the user’s registered email address. The uploaded raw data file is automatically deleted from the Xcode Life server in 48 hours.

Xcode Life has plans to significantly expand the portfolio of do-it-yourself free tools to include whole genome or Helix to 23andme or any other format conversion and several other tools of interest to the personal genomics community.

Xcode Life was established in 2011 to provide Direct-To-Consumer genetic testing services. Xcode Life specializes in DNA raw data analysis and interpretation services including Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Skin, Allergy, Carrier Status, BRCA and Breast Cancer, Ancestry, Precision Medicine, Methylation and MTHFR reports. Xcode Life is the only company to accept all types of raw data in any format including genotyping and sequencing files.

They recently announced the launch of the South Asian Genome Project to address the under-representation of South Asian genomes in ancestry genome databases. They plan to launch several such ethnicity-specific genome projects for under-represented groups such as African, Middle-Eastern and East Asian populations.

Visit www.xcode.life for more information.




I went to the site, but see nothing about any free tools, only packages available for purchase.


Free tool already exists! Gedmatch look it up.


Thank you! This was very useful! I was able to merge my 23andMe and Ancestry DNA raw data. I got around 800,000 markers as a result of this merge. This way above the 650,000 in 23andMe v5 (GSA) and Ancestry DNA’s v2 (OmniExpress)


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