Archaeologists May Have Unearthed the nearly 400-Year-Old Skeleton of America’s Second Governor

A group of archaeologists unearthed a skeleton they think belongs to the man who presided over the first representative government assembly in the Western Hemisphere. Now, they have to prove it’s really him.

Archaeologists in Jamestown, Virginia — North America’s first permanent British settlement — began excavating the site almost two years ago. After many months of work, they spent this weekend uncovering what could be the grave of Sir George Yeardley, one of Jamestown’s early leaders.

What impresses me in the story is the ground-penetrating radar technology used to find the burial place and the use of DNA and genealogy to track down any living descendants to match the descendants’ DNA to that collected from the remains. If successful, that will prove the identity of the newly-found skeleton.

The interesting story by Jessica Campisi and Brandon Griggs may be found on the CNN News web site at:


Egypt is much easier. A large Pyramid marking the spot of burial. Now wouldn’t that be something finding a Pyramid in the U.S.?


    There weren’t pyramids in the US like in Egypt or Mexico and Central America, but there were some very large structures in the Midwest, the extent of which has only become apparent in recent years. I highly recommend the book 1491, which describes how advanced the civilizations in the Western Hemisphere were before Columbus, and not just the Aztecs and Incas. Their true nature remained a mystery for many years because the advance of European diseases spread faster than the advance of European settlers, so by the time Europeans got to different places, they were witnessing the impoverished remains of a recently decimated culture, and mistook it for savages in the wilderness.


I think you mean “English Colonial” governor. There had been at least 10 governors in St. Augustine, Florida by the time Mr Yeardley was governor in Colonial Virginia. (


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