Is this the Largest Family in the World?

An 87-year-old in the Ukraine has 346 living descendants. Can anyone top that?

Pavel Semenyuk, 87, always dreamed of a large family and was thrilled when his late wife gave birth to 13 children. Many births and marriages later, the Semenyuk clan stands at a whopping 346 living descendants, with the youngest member just two-weeks-old.

Mr. Semenyuk now has 13 living children, 127 grandchildren (each child had approximately 10 children?), 203 great-grandchildren and even three great-great-grandchildren. ‘I know the names of those who are older. But I often cannot remember the names of the young ones,’ Pavel said.

If anyone in the Semenyuk family is keeping records in a genealogy program, I hope he or she has a very large hard drive in which to store all the data! The records of the Semenyuk family are being submitted to Guinness World Records.

You can read more in an article in the MSN web site at:

My thanks to newsletter reader John Blaylock for telling me about this story.


Hardly. One local Amish woman had 150 grandchildren per her listed death notice, and I do not remember how many great-grandchildren. She is not unique among the Amish.


Here are links to a story on Rachel Krishevsky, who died in Jerusalem at age 99, and who left 1400 living descendants. She had 11 grandchildren, 150 grandchildren, around 100 great-grandchildren, and a few hundred great-greats . . .


I think of the human race as the largest family.


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