This Newsletter’s Articles will No Longer be Cross-Posted to Facebook

For years, a piece of automated software has extracted the title and the first few sentences of every new article posted here at and copied them to my Facebook account at This process happened automatically without any action on my part.

Starting today, that will no longer happen. Facebook will no longer allow automated posting of newly-published articles on non-Facebook web sites. Details about Facebook’s change may be found in Facebook kills automatic WordPress publishing to Profiles at

If you have been looking in Facebook to find new articles posted in Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter, you will not be able to do that any more. You will either have to manually go to or use my favorite method: an RSS newsreader.

Use of an RSS newsreader is much faster than finding things online manually. It also is much, much safer as RSS newsreaders typically do not have all the spyware that is built into Facebook.

For more details, see my earlier article, Is It Time to Try a Newsreader?, at

I would hate to have to surf the web manually. Use of an RSS newsreader saves me a lot of time every day. Most of the RSS newsreaders are available free of charge and none of them have the spyware that is found in Facebook. I use Feedly at but there are quite a few others to choose from as well.

Feedly is free for reading up to 100 web sites’ news feeds as often as you wish. That will suffice for most users. However, should you want to read more than 100 web sites’ news feeds, Feedly Pro costs $5.41 US per month, billed annually.  If you would like to try Feedly, sign up for the free version. You can always change it later.

In addition, there is a Feedly Teams option that is primarily of interest to corporate users. I cannot imagine an individual having a need for Feedly Teams.

Feedly is cloud-based. There is no need to install software in your computer. Simply open a web browser and go to to use it. Feedly works on Windows, Macintosh, Chromebooks, Linux, iPad, Android devices, and any other operating system that has a web browser.

For more information, go to


Dick see this plugin I believe SNAP will continue to work but it is of course a premium plugin


To clarify — Facebook isn’t turning off all automatic posting from 3rd party apps. It’s turning off the ability to automatically post to personal profiles. You can still use them to post to pages.


Thanks for the information. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the changes concerning privacy, & etc.


I’ve been using Bloglovin to post my blogs to Facebook and Twitter. I’ll have to see if it is blocked as well by FB. Sigh


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