An Update on RootsFinder

I wrote about RootsFinder several months ago at To quote the original announcement of the service, “ is a free, online family tree that makes researching family history much easier. Unlike other online trees, which only provide hints to their own content, RootsFinder provides hints and search suggestions to websites.” I believe RootsFinder is valuable for all genealogists but especially useful for genealogy newcomers. See my earlier article for further details.

The folks who produce the RootsFinder software haven’t been idle since the announcement in February. Here is a new announcement from them describing the latest changes and updates:

RootsFinder is a free program that makes family history easy to research and easy to share, including DNA. Some of our recent developments include:

  • A new circle view for DNA lovers: The DNA circle shows triangulation groups arranged around a circle so you can see all the kit numbers. Bands connect matching groups across the circle. It’s a great way to see the level of endogamy (intermarriage) in your tree.
  • New WebClipper and ToDo Creator browser extensions for Firefox that complement the existing ones for Chrome: The WebClipper and ToDo Creator make it quick and easy to add evidence to your RootsFinder tree and create research plans from major online genealogy sites including, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, FindMyPast, Find A Grave, and more.
  • New hint partnerships with Geni, RootsPoint, WeRelate, and WikiTree (in addition to the existing hint partnerships with FamilySearch, Findmypast, AmericanAncestors, and NewspaperArchive): When hints from these partners are enabled, users will receive suggestions for matching content at these websites. As always, unlimited hints are free, although some partners require a subscription in order to see content on their site.
  • Dozens of enhancements based on suggestions from RootsFinder users in the forum and on support including infographics, research logs, and more. We listen to our users and appreciate all the feedback we receive.We’re thrilled to see 5x growth in as many months! We are so excited to help make family history easy to research and easy to share. It’s never been easier to bring DNA results into your research and share with others.

About RootsFinder

RootsFinder ( combines traditional family history with genetic genealogy, making it easy to research and easy to share. You get automatic hints from up to eight different websites, including FamilySearch and Findmypast, as well as search suggestions for sites like Ancestry and My Heritage. The evidence-based paradigm makes it easy to add data to entire families at once and trace facts back to their source. DNA tools help you analyze matches from multiple testing companies and link them to your tree. Now you can keep everything in one place and share for free.


I’ve been using Rootsfinder for several months now and the support is outstanding. I’ve now ported all my all my desktop software based files over to Rootsfinder and no problem with files in excess of 50K persons.


The very best feature of RootsFinder often goes unmentioned. It’s simply the best evidence-based family tree program out there.


How do they pay the rent?


Apparently, I applied sometime in the past using my e-mail, but I can’t remember my password; however, there is no way I can request Rootsfinder to send it to me or change it, so I can’t enroll.


    —> there is no way I can request RootsFinder to send it to me or change it, so I can’t enroll.

    Yes you can. RootsFinder will allow you to reset your password.

    Go to and click on LOG IN. The next pop-up screen that appears offers space to enter your email address and password. Right below those spaces there is a link that says, “Forgot password?” Click on that and you will be able to create a new password and then access everything on RootsFinder.


Dick thank you so much for this information and assessment.
I see we can import from gedcoms, great!
Does Rootsfinder enable us to export our trees and data etc as a gedcom as well?
I would like to be able to keep a copy off line as well.


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