In the Future, You Might Live Forever Online

Gregg Pascal Zachary is a professor of practice in Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation. He is now talking about what you might leave behind forever, after your death. For better or for worse, everything you post online as well as everything that others post online about you might be collected in one place to represent you, forever.

Considering the drop in price of data storage hardware in the past few decades and assuming that trend continues for a long time, we can assume that every scrap of information about you can be preserved in the future for approximately the price of a postage stamp.

In an interview published in the ASUnow web site, Zachary says:

“In this context, we’re talking about permanent, enduring legacies. … You die, I die, and you our digital ‘footprints’ live on — in whatever forms the techno-scientists create. In the past, individuals bequeathed letters, photos, articles, books to those they left behind. Today, as we live we spawn digital artifacts — and these are what we increasingly leave behind. In the future organizing and presenting these artifacts will be part of the process of revolutionizing the concept of life after death. Our physical bodies won’t persist but valued aspects of our insights and wisdom can.”

You can learn a lot more in the article at

One thought: be careful about those snide comments you are thinking of posting online. Your great-great-grandchildren might read them! What impression will they have of your comments? Internet trolls beware!

One Comment

Now there’s a sobering thought. However, unless one leaves a record about when one’s real name is used and which blog names are used otherwise, depending on where one is leaving messages, not all of the comments will be found…….. 😉


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