U.S. Census Bureau Takes Hits from Lawsuits, GAO Review, and Cancelled Contract

Just 21 months before the next decennial count, the Census Bureau—under acting leadership—faces challenges in the courts, from auditors, and from a mishandled printing contract for key forms.

According to a report by Charles S. Clark in the RouteFifty web site:

“Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross continues to confront legal challenges to the reasoning behind the decision to go against agency researchers’ advice and add a politically sensitive citizenship question to the 2020 questionnaire.

“Separately, the Government Accountability Office in late July criticized the bureau’s practices for maintaining schedules for receiving resources on time. Though crediting program managers for progress in integrating schedules into one master copy since previous GAO reviews, auditors found that as of May 2018, officials had still not identified all resources needed as they had hoped to have done by 2014.”

In short, the U.S. Census Bureau reportedly isn’t meeting its objectives.

You can read more at http://bit.ly/2M3IjQj.


This is a political NOT Constitutional issue. Having lived in foreign countries I know just living there does not make one a “citizen” there. You would be a “resident” only without right to vote or receive any welfare, free healthcare and/or education. If you are employed there you may also find you pay taxes there and US income taxes. So why should any citizen balk at showing photo ID or signi ng or checking the citizen box. The “resident” still shows on the tally sheet.


Can you elaborate a bit on how the citizenship question has become labeled at “politically sensitive”? I understand all the mess and division over the immigration laws etc but they have been asking the ‘citizenship question’ since 1880 or 1900, why has it become an issue 118 years later? I’m just curious how dramatically it has changed that there is now revolt.
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    —> Can you elaborate a bit on how the citizenship question has become labeled at “politically sensitive”?

    I did not write those words and therefore cannot explain them. Charles S. Clark wrote them. If you go back and read the article again, you will see that I wrote:

    “According to a report by Charles S. Clark in the RouteFifty web site:”

    For any explanation, you will need to ask Charles S. Clark why he thinks that is true. I don’t know his thought process, other than what he wrote in the article. The address of Mr. Clark’s article is given my my article above.


    The 1950 census was the last one that asked all households about citizenship; the question was asked since then in the detailed ‘long’ form but not in the form most people completed.. The Commerce Department stated the reason for adding the question in the 2020 census was due to a request by the Department of Justice. The DOJ said the data is critical for its enforcement of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits discriminatory voting practices or procedures. Lawsuits were subsequently filed by several state attorney generals and are currently pending.


At issue with this question is the House of Representatives. For every 770,000 of the population a seat in the House is allocated. The question is: Does Congress represent Citizens, Resident Aliens and Illegal aliens as a total or only citizens? Federal funds are also allocated by population. Should illegals be allowed to sway the numbers which would give certain areas additional representation. This sway would also every four years have an effect on the Electoral college.

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If one wants a straightforward summary of the political motivation and issues behind this debate, look at last Sunday’s NY Times editorial page.


Maybe everyone is getting tired of places like California gaining billions of federal dollars and additional votes in congress by actively encouraging illegal immigration. They have at least 5 extra seats in congress that represent only illegal aliens. There are a few other states with the same advantage. The number of reps in congress is a zero sum game. Everyone of those CA seats were taken away from another state so that individuals with no right to be in the country can have a vote in our congress and access to federal funds. More power and more money for the politician and special interest groups. If our founding fathers could have foreseen the current political process, they would have added “citizen” to the count. The NY Times editorial is completely one sided as always.


First, the relevant provision of the U.S. Constitution says: “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons . . .” Free persons are NOT the same thing as citizens. What other countries count is irrelevant to what our Constitution says.
Second, the census affects apportionment of House seats by state and the way individual districts are drawn in multi-district states, as well as allocation of federal funds for a wide range of programs, from highway construction money (non-citizens wear out roads, too) to public assistance (many states limit access by non-citizens). So it clearly matters who gets counted.
Third, the citizenship question has not been on the general census form since 1950. By 2020, that will be a gap of seventy years. It is generally considered controversial because many people — even some citizens — think the question implies that some people will be treated differently according to their reply.


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