Have Your Family History Digitized at FGS 2018

Are you planning to attend the FGS conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana, next week? That’s August 22 through 25. If so, you may be interested in this announcement from the conference organizers:

Have a family history that needs scanned? Bring it with you to FGS 2018 and FamilySearch will scan it for free!

FamilySearch Book Scanning and the Allen County Public Library are offering a free service to digitally preserve your written family history at the upcoming FGS Conference in Fort Wayne. FamilySearch will scan and publish a searchable digital copy online! You keep the original.

Bring your books to the FamilySearch booth at the conference. (Books under copyright must have a signed permission form, which is available at the booth.)


Is there any way a person can mail a dvd to Allen County Library and they can then enter the book?


We are interested in digitizing the files of our church, First Presbyterian in Atlanta GA, one of the first in Atlanta. Where can we get more information about the services this company provides or the equipment they use?

Thanks for your help from a very long time reader.

Bill Lyons wwlyons@gmail.com


    —> Where can we get more information about the services this company provides or the equipment they use?

    All the equipment and the people to run it at this conference is provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). However, there are dozens of companies who provide scanning equipment and I am sure some of them must be close to Atlanta. You might want to start with a Google search at https://www.google.com/search?q=scanning+services


Hi Dick,
While you are at FGS, could you ask Mackiev management when they will update FTM 2017 for Mac users? Since May (or maybe before), Mac users have been unable to sync newly added media photos from FTM to Ancestry.com. Mackiev’s website acknowledges the problem, and says “they are working on the problem”, but their Customer Support will NOT give a definitive answer as to when it will be fixed! I worry that they may no longer have the resources to work on this significant problem. They say that the Windows version does not have this media photos sync problem, so why can’t they fix it NOW for us Mac users???


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