Is This the Best Family Tree “Chart” Ever?

A family tree chart is a fascinating way to trace your ancestry. Commonly shown as a chart with the oldest generations at the top and the youngest generations at the bottom, these simple layouts allow you to discover the line of past and present family members that led to your very existence. However, the relatives of Reddit user OrbDeluxxxe took the family tree concept to the next level with a very special family portrait taken during their recent reunion. All 45 members stood on the balconies of the clan’s large lake house, arranged to visualize each generation.

The image shows the oldest couple standing at the top of the “tree house” with their six children and spouses standing on the level below them. The third generation are at the bottom, five of which have the fourth generation babies in their arms. Each family is represented by color-coordinated t-shirts, and arranged in order of oldest to youngest (from left to right).

You can read more and see the photo at

You can also see a (slightly) larger image of the photograph at


That is awesome! We were going to do something like that at our family reunion a few weeks ago [forgot to], but in reverse. We only have 1 balcony, so we were going to line up on the grass and have the photo taken from the balcony. Sure wish we had got to it!


For those whose grandparents don’t have a 3-story house with balconies, why not go to your local high school gym and arrange the generations on the bleachers, skipping a row or two between generations? This is so clever!


Wouldn’t you know grandma & grandpa had the most stairs to climb…. Terrific idea just the same..


At our recent WITWER Reunion in Lancaster County PA, 44 members stood behind a 50-foot family tree that I did and we took a video and individual family group pictures. Then we laid it on the picnic tables and each one could see their record and the photo included. It was fun to see.


I’ve been wanting to do a Tree chart for years! A friend of ours did hers and found two cousins she never knew she had!


We just had a
Tree chart done last year and found a cousin who was adopted out of the family!.. That indeed was a great reunion!


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