Near-80-year-old Note Found amid Construction on Water Street Bridge in Albany, Indiana

Construction workers rehabilitating a Delaware County bridge were in for a blast from the past when they found an apparent piece of the bridge’s history lodged in a concrete pillar.

Town Marshal Shannon Henry said crews were using a jackhammer to break up concrete at Bridge 701 along Water Street in Albany last week when a tattered slip of paper encased in a glass jar fell out. Though the glass didn’t withstand the fall, a worker picked up the paper, at first thinking it was trash.

“List of last crew working on this bridge,” the note read, followed by a list of 17 names of people — carpenters, cement finishers and laborers — who supposedly worked on the structure between July 1938 and June 1939.

This snippet of history will soon be framed and placed on display in the town’s municipal office.

You can read the full story in an article by Audrey J. Kirby in the Muncie Star Press at

My thanks to newsletter reader Margaret Ott for telling me about this story.


I love these types of stories. It should teach everyone, Never give up! Because you never know what genealogical treasures are out there that could have that vital information to link your ancestors that you have tried to find for decades.


Being an 80-year-old construction Stiff I think that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

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Love it!! Read whatever scrap of paper is picked up or in my case one I almost threw out that was in my own home. Had my Grandfather’s handwriting on it to my Grandmother before their marriage with a list of people from his side to be invited to the wedding. Am I ever glad she saved that one, but she saved alot of things which thankfully came to me:)


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