New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday

The following announcement was written by Findmypast:

There are over 167,000 new records and newspaper articles available to search this Findmypast Friday, including:

Montgomeryshire Memorial Inscriptions

Discover your ancestor’s memorial inscriptions from Montgomeryshire, Wales. Learn where your ancestor was buried as well as your ancestor’s birth and death years. Your ancestor’s memorial inscription may include such details as spouse’s name and date of death. The collection contains over 26,000 records and spans the years from 1577 to 2016.

The memorial inscriptions currently contained within this collection cover places A-H in Montgomeryshire (except for Alberbury, which is in Shropshire), comprising one-quarter of the entire memorial inscription collection for the county, published by the Montgomeryshire Family History Society. The full list of burial places is as follows: Aberhafesp, Alberbury, Berriew, Bettws Cedewain, Breiddon, Buttington, Bwlch-Y-Cibau, Carno, Castle Caereinion, Cemmaes, Churchstoke, Criggion, Darowen, Dolanog, Dolfor, Forden, Garthbeibio, Guilsfield, Hirnant, and Hyssington.

Dorset Memorial Inscriptions

Discover whether your ancestor died in Dorset by searching more than 110,000 inscriptions taken from gravestones, tombs, monuments and even stained glass windows found in more than 250 parishes across the county.

Each record contains a transcription of the original inscription. The information contained varies considerably and depends on a number of factors including weathering and the type of memorial. Most will reveal a combination of your ancestor’s age at death, birth year, death year, burial year, burial place, religious denomination, dedication, inscription, memorial type and relative’s names.

Kent, Folkestone Cheriton Road Cemetery Memorial Inscriptions

This collection was created from transcripts made in the 1980s of the memorial inscriptions in the Cheriton Road Cemetery in Folkestone, Kent. In some instances, the individual may only be commemorated on a memorial and not, in fact, buried there. During the transcription process, some graves were recorded twice with slight differences.

The collection contains over 112,000 records. Each result includes a transcript that will reveal a combination of your ancestor’s name, death date, burial year, religious denomination, parish and memorial reference.

Yorkshire Baptisms

Over 5,000 new records covering baptisms performed between 1744 and 1917 at the Northowram Independent chapel in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, have been added to our collection of Yorkshire Baptisms.

The information contained within each record may vary but most transcripts typically list the child’s name, year of baptism, place of baptism, and the names of their parents. Images of the original documents may reveal additional information.

Yorkshire Burials

Over 9,000 new records covering baptisms performed between 1797 and 1992 at the Northowram Independent chapel in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, have been added to our collection of Yorkshire Burials.

Each record contains a transcript and many include an image of the original record. Transcripts will reveal a combination of your ancestor’s age at death, birth year and burial date.

British & Irish Newspapers Update

This week we have added 118,752 new pages to The Archive. We have added more pages to our run of the Liverpool Echo, as well as more twenty-first century pages to the Evening Herald (Dublin), with available titles now spanning the years 1892 to 2008.

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