On the Sea Again

Hello from the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Alaska! This is a quick notice to let you know there may not be as many articles as normal posted in this newsletter in the next week or so.

If you have been reading this newsletter for some time, you already know that I often travel to genealogy conferences. I am presently on board the Royal Caribbean cruise line’s Explorer of the Seas for the Unlock the Past’s genealogy cruise to Alaska on September 7 through 14, stopping in ports in Alaska and British Columbia. See https://www.unlockthepastcruises.com/2018cruisealaska/ for the details of the cruise.

Here is a picture taken a few minutes ago from from the cruise ship as we entered the Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska:

Yes, those are icebergs floating in the water and you can see snow and glaciers up on the mountains. This isn’t a cruise to sun-drenched tropical islands! However, it has been fun.

We have genealogy presentations every day; many presentations are made by a number of today’s genealogy experts.

Royal Caribbean cruise line’s Explorer of the Seas

If all goes well, I will return home on September 16, just in time to do my laundry, re-pack, and take off on another trip. However, that’s another story for another time.

I hope to write about the events that I see and attend. I suspect I will also post a number of photographs in this newsletter while I am traveling.

Please don’t be surprised if there are fewer articles than normal posted this week.


Enjoy I’m from Alaska and this is one of my favorite cruises! Cruised Alaska 3 Times 🙂


My cousin cruised herself up there last summer. Quite an adventure. She posted some fascinating photos of Tracy Arm Fjord. Her boat was much smaller, of course, and by comparison the icebergs were huge. I was glad when she went elsewhere.


This is a wonderful time of year to be there.


Wonderful trip we’ve experienced. Enjoy and bundle up.


Wonderful trip. Enjoy. Stay bundled up.


Also since it is getting near the end of Alaska cruising, you probably can get some great deals in ports. We took one this year on the north bound leg to Seward arriving in Seward on June 21…yep the longest day….still sunlight at midnight…talk about freaky. But the whale tours in Seward was WAY better than the cruise ones. Cruise tour..1 or 2 whales, Seward tons plus other life as well as get real close up to a glacier vs the cruise ship being far far away. Have fun!!


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